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-Welcome to the Global Haiti Initiative

The Global Haiti Initiative serves as the first ever intercollegiate clearinghouse for developmental programs in Haiti.  By creating progressive sustainable change, the Global Haiti Initiative will transform compassion into action while addressing the social and economic problems in Haiti. While striving to improve the overall quality of life, the Global Haiti Initiative will also infuse a new aura of mutual cooperation and partnership within the non-profit organization community.

What is unique about our organization is that it is not just an organization it is a movement. A movement to start building interest in helping Haiti, and unique at that. Each university or group that starts a chapter, or who runs a chapter has total autonomy over what aspect of Haiti they are going to help, each unique to their universities or groups best skills, each working under the umbrella of the Global Haiti Initiative.  So, the Global Haiti Initiative helps Haiti in all arenas, and its boundaries are limitless.



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**The Global Haiti Initiative is proud to announce partnership with the Colline Foundation for our volunteer trips for the Summer of 2011**






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